How to use a post process water shader that doesnt affect interior

Im trying to make an underwater lab scene in ue5.4 and to make a convincing underwater look ive been told to use a post process filter, the one in the ue plugin, however this turns the interior of the lab into an underwater looking place too.

i was wondering if there is an alternative method to be able to look out of the window and see the deep blue, foggy filter with lightrays and be able to turn around to see the clear bright laboratory.

I haven’t used the UE Plugin, but if the UE Plugin acts merely as a setting for the default Post Process, then you most likely need to disable “Infinite Extent (Unbound)”

Then make sure that the volume of the Post Process matches up with the bounds of your water.

Sorry if i wasnt clear but thats not the issue i have, post process volumes only affect the player when the camera is inside it, if i have the post process volume outside of my play area, the lab, then the player wont be able to see the effect of the shader making the whole underwater scene seem white as default lighting does.

I want the player to be able to look into the water, without being inside the post process volume, and see the blue so the rest of the map which is ment to be indoors isnt blue like the water

What’s the name of the plugin?

There’s so much stuff out there, really easy to miss.

Also, in the meantime:

I don’t think there is a way to make a post process impact a player who is not within the post process. But you can use masks to make a player who is within the post process see the effect on only part of the screen.

Essentially, you could put the lab within the water PPV, but then customize the material to sample a mask and remove the effect where it isn’t desired. The custom depth stencil buffer could be used to allow the walls of the lab to act as blockers/masks.