How to use a MegaScans asset with transmission master?


I’m currently making an arctic scene inside UE5 early access. All the mega scan snow assets are great, but they come with the ‘Transmission master material’ assigned instead of the default one. I’m aware that UE5 doesnt work well with this transmission or subsurface, and having it with this master means there is no Lumen lighting being projected (I can see this in the visualize tab). Therefore, I have been switching to the default Master material for the snow assets, which makes the Lumen work perfectally. However, there are lots of darker patchy areas from switching it to this. Perhaps where the transmission was heavy?

As you can see in the comparison the patches are very noticeable.

I’d basically like to know how its possible to have these megascans looking good (not patchy), whilst still using Lumen and not resulting back to screen space GI.

Any replies are much appreciated!