How to update client kills to server?

Hi , i have bit of problem to update client kills to server.
Here it is my problem :
I have zombie character in game , when server kill the zombies client gets update from server no problem ( like die animation and etc ). But when client kill zombies , server gets no update ( in server map zombies are still alive! ).

I’ve setup a custom dead event and set it to multicast replicated, but no hope .

whats wrong ???

The server-client replication only works in one direction. So all important actions have to take place on the server.

What you do is instead of killing the zombie directly on the client, you call an event that’s flagged as “Run on Server”, which takes care of killing the zombie. This event calls a “Multicast” event back to the clients, so each client can handle playing the death animation.

Thank you , now i see