How to unload ingame objects during game play?

I have this map that consist in 3 maze-like areas that are connected. Lets imagine areas A->B->C, I wanted to unload/unrender the objects from area A once i reached area C in order to save resources, and load back once the player is in area B. How can i do that?

I followed this and other tutorials but its not working for me, when im inside the volumes they unload instead of loading:

I only have 3 levels, and the 2nd level thats in the middle should be visible either on level 1, 2 and 3, so i selected all tree level stream volumes, but instead of loading it unloads and everything falls down. this is my volume settings:

PS: i have separated the assets by level

What am i missing here?

I figure it out it was the camera that was out of the bounds, anyway to change it to respond/trigger to the player pawn instead of the camera? its a top down game and would be better if it did

i dont know if u can change the trigger, but maybe for a top down game you should use frustum culling or something similar

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