How to turn this Niagra Particle System into an Ability

so I looked up this Time Distortion Tutorial and followed it completely. It works fine, amazing in fact, and now I’m sitting here wondering:

How can I take this and make it an ability?

What I mean by that is, how do I make a blueprint that calls it when a button is pressed, that allows it to toggle on, become visible and working (with slowdown feature that is already in this) for a short burst of time, and then it toggles back off so its invisible and not causing anything to distort/ slow down.

I had ideas, but I really am not experienced with calling the niagra particle system, or naigra system at all in blueprints.

Also I noticed that if I bring in an animated 3rd person Character and go near them, they aren’t slowed down nor does the particles engulf them, it just kind of stays at their foot as a fountain and I don’t know how to fix that so it works.

TL;DR: Trying to make the FX from this and make an ability out of it. A short dash that creates the ripple effect and slows down and distorts everything around player for 2 seconds, then toggles the fx off so it’s back to normal. Any help would be… well helpful