How to turn off blur effect in 4.7 "in game"

My team and I are using 4.6.1 and we’re currently looking to update to 4.7.5 for some new features that it adds, but right after updating the project to 4.7 (and after taking care of some things that got broken because of the update), I play tested one of our “sandbox” levels and was greeted to some nasty blurring effects that were not there in 4.6. This only occurs when the game is being played (PIE, standalone, package, etc) but not when editing in the level itself. I will say it’s just ever so slightly less pronounced in the packaged build of the game. Honestly, it looks like colors are running/bleeding together when you get moving fast enough. Pics below of a before and after.

Standing still in 4.6 version

Standing still in 4.7 version

Moving in 4.6

Moving in 4.7

Any help is much appreciated.