How to Trim Decals?

I would like to trim off the part of my decal that is shown in the screenshot that I attached without needing to scratch it out nor attaching decals after decals.

Yes thank you!

Can you make this as resolved?

I don’t know why I don’t have this and the only thing that’s in “more” is move to space, see revisions or mark as community wiki or idk if im just dumb and not seeing it

I would but I’m kinda having trouble don’t really know how tbh since it’s a comment

do this:


Are you just needing to do some photo editing then? Like you are wanting to have the (what im guessing) tiretracks continue through without the extra smudges?

I’m also guessing you are trying to make it into a tileable-texture?

I think you might have a bit more luck posting texture\image\decal related questions on maybe a Blender forum, or maybe GIMP.

Here are a couple free texture creation utilities…if this is what you are trying to do.



@anonymous_user_86a06c6c - it may be caused by me originally posting as a comment to the question since I didn’t think it was exactly what you were looking for however, I’ve now swapped it to an ‘answer’ so you might have the appropriate options now to mark the thread accordingly.

It has worked! Thank you I shall grant you the right answer