How To Trigger New Event with Same TriggerBox

Hello everyone I am really stumped again and would love anybodies help. So I have an event that ends after a light turns on and I have a widget that display some text. What I would like to know is how can I have one box trigger display two different widgets at different times with the same trigger box. I wan to have one widget display before the light turns on and another after the light turns on.

You would need to have the box trigger display a widget stored in a variable so that it can be changed. Basically the “create widget” or display widget logic you have attached to the trigger box would create/show/enable a “variable” that is of type “widget base class”. And once the player enters the box display widget A, after he leaves change the variable to hold widget B, and then when he re-enters the box display widget B. Each time you are displaying the widget held in the widget variable. But because it is a variable you can script logic to change it.

Thanks for replying Nebula. Should I use branch to trigger the variables, or is there something else better to use?

Thanks buddy, that worked out great! And I’m sorry I am being a pain the ■■■ but how would I make widget B activate only when a light turns on for an example?

Thanks, that work great. But now I’m trying to figure out how I could have widget B become active when I turn on a light switch. I’m for being a pain :).

Post some screen shots, can’t really figure out what exactly you’re trying to do

Here are some pics of what I’m trying to do. Sorry if the layout is a little messy.

There are ways to do just about anything. Again more confused than anything I don’t understand you have a switch in the widget to me that’s a button dunno what you mean by overlap the switch then. Sorry man but you aren’t really explaining how this works very well I am like trying to figure it out from guess work and perception.

I am still confused. You said what I recommended worked but I don’t even see that implemented here so I am still confused on exactly what you are trying to achieve here. The order of all this stuff is kind of jumbled in my head. Player walks into trigger area…widget A appears, light turns on? Or widget A appears, light is still off, then re-enter trigger volume widget B appears and you use widget B to turn the light on? I am really confused.

I apologize because I am still working on finding a solution things are everywhere and not exactly in order. Your solution did work but because I didn’t know how to implement into my scene I changed it. To be more clear on exactly what I’m doing I’ll explain it more in detail. I apologize again because I should had been more clear from the start. I have the character walk into trigger A, without the light on, widget A comes on with a message. After I press a switch (this part was not in the picture) a light come on. Now that the light is on I go back to Trigger A and now widget B is displayed with a different message. I hoped I cleared it up. :smiley:

Is that “switch” part of widget A? Does widget A tell the player to go find a switch in the world and the return after it is pressed (then you show widget B)? If that is the case you will also need a boolean to check whether the switch was activated. What happens if the player enters the trigger, widget A pops up says go to this place and turn a switch on. The player looks around can’t find it, comes back to the trigger box, you want it to say “go find the switch” again right? So it needs to display widget A every time the player enters UNTIL he presses the switch then display widget B. So what you need is a trigger box that on overlap cast to player, if it is the player branch node, if switch is pressed, create widget B, if switch is not pressed create widget A. This means you will also need to have your trigger box “know” when the switch is pressed, a simple trigger box can’t do that, so if it is in the level BP then the level will have to have some logic that changes the bool value when the switch is activated to say it was turned on. Or you create an actor with a collision box and have it reference the “switch” actor so they can communicate and when the switch is pressed have it change the bool value in the “trigger” actor to be true and use that to change the displayed widget when the player enters the trigger area.

Hmmmm, I think I got it. But I do have a question. Is there a way to have the character and switch overlap without using OnActorBeginOverlap?

Oh and yes the switch is part of widget A.

I’m sorry for confusing you man, as sad as it explaining things isn’t something I good at. But no the switch is not in the widget. The widget is linked to the switch but connecting the OnActorBeginOverlap node to the create widget node. Because I want the character witch is the player ( the one in control of the playable character). So I want the player to collide with trigger A and widget A is displayed saying “this panel has no power”. Then the player finds a switch to turn the panel light on. When the player goes back to collide with trigger A, widget B appears and says the “panel now has power”.

Literally what I said was going on in the previous comment haha so why do you not want to use an overlap event for the switch? What do you want a line trace?

Oh, lol sorry man, I’m a little slow today. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what a line trace is lol. I was thinking that after the player resume input after the switch is pressed a matinee is played I could some how connect the trigger and widget to enable input. So when the player resume and collide with trigger A it could show widget B instead of widget A.

Pretty sure the first solution I gave will do that for you. Swap out the Flip-Flop node with a branch and have the branch check for a boolean “Switch Activated” that you create in the trigger BP. When the player activates the switch set this boolean in the trigger BP to true. Then when the player overlaps the trigger area it will display widget B, otherwise if switch was not activated it will display widget A

Ok, thanks a lot. I’m going to try it now.

Forgot to do the “variable” widget setup I had earlier instead of 2 “create widget” nodes. But you can do that yourself. This is the basic logic though.