How to trigger character animation


How do you get a Mixamo character to perform a specific animation on a trigger overlap.

I’ve got a Mixamo character in a room, that I want to play an animation when the player comes near it and walks through a trigger box, any ideas?

Having been through and searched various posts in this section but still confused tbh!

Would appreciate the help!

I am making you a video right now to demonstrate 1 way you could do this!! Just give me a few!!

Heya Guys,

Just a quick video showing 1 way to do what this post is asking. This is a video to demonstrate some of the things that can be learned from joining my patreon page.

Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) Trigger An Animation When Near A NPC

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Thanks Guys

Video is done processing…enjoy!

If I were using a box trigger from the level bp is this done the same way?

Thank you Very much for all your very kind help, it’s much appreciated!

should be able to do it like that yes, just gotta make sure you get a reference to that character you want to play the animation

Could I please trouble you to put up an image of the level blueprint needed it’d be a massive help!

Many thanks!

Sorry I wouldn’t do it that way, and I don’t have time to try and do it that way, I generally steer clear of doing much of anything in the level blueprint, because then it makes it specific to that level only. So I make my stuff in a way so I can use it in any level I want, sorry I cant be of more help!

Thanks anyway, btw what video capture software are you using?

Thanks for that, does it record game audio too?

Yeappers! It sure does!

Thanks mate

Hey IamJustAGamer,

I cant get a link to the character mesh from the Level BP to play the animation, I need to get it to work this way.

how do I get a mesh reference into the level BP?

If I click the character mesh in the world outliner outliner, then right click in the level BP there’s no option to create a reference like you would a matinee etc.

I’m stuck fast and I’d really appreciate your help friend!



I can get a reference to the Mesh now (Mixamo: Malcolm) but it wont hook up to the function “Play animation”

in level bp, on event begin play, get all actors of class, use the class of your character, then cast to its bp, then get mesh, then play animation…

the character is Malcolm from mixamo, it doesn’t appear to have a separate class, how can I find this?

This absolute mess up is what I’ve done:


It wont let you select the animation in the play animation function, theres nothing to select

What am I doing wrong…Please help its driving me crazy!!!

I didn’t build it so I have no idea…I really don’t know what else I can do for you sorry.


This is in the level blueprint, don’t know why you cant get it to work…this works fine for me.

I see your casting to third person character, I don’t have this in my game, I’m using the Mixamo characters, I don’t know what class they are, how can I find this information?

I’ve got to get to work, but I will check this when I get back home.

I appreciate your help massively, thank you kindly!

you cast to whatever the name of the characters blueprint is, and if you don’t know that, I don’t know what else to tell you…