How to track if the Editor is busy with a certain Task and its progress?

Simply said as the title describes, I am looking into whether or not there is an API within UE that informs me of when the Editor is busy doing something.
Such as:

  • Loading a Level (not mid playing)
  • Compiling Shader’s
  • Launching
  • Etc.

I’m simply trying to get a Yes or No answer from engine and if possible also a way to track the progress of such task’s.

I looked into the UEditorLevelLibrary, UEditorSubsystem, ULevelEditorSubsystem, and FEditModeTools.

But none of these seemed to provide me with what I was looking for from what I saw.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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do you mean like the output log? Or something else?

No, I’m trying to be informed in code from the engine when its doing any of these tasks, similar like a delegate maybe if that makes it easier to understand or a variable that records the state of the Engine if there is something like that.
So that I can run code when it starts/does/finishes the Tasks.

And preferably also be informed by the Engine how far along it is with the execution of those task.

I also want to learn that.