How to tile the floor with this single texture?

Dear experts,

I am following the Tanks vs Zombies tutorial by Epic on youtube.
They are not showing how they are tiling the floor with this single texture they provided:


With that single texture how can I go ahead and make the floor look like this?

Thank you for your help with this and best regards,

Thats way too complicated for a landscape.

on a mesh. Using vertex paint, maybe.

you start by splitting the UV outputs by 2 so that you get 4 halves.

​You use the uv outputs in If statements in order to obtain a different UV per vertex color.

Doing this can be good for performance since you won’t be sampling the same texture 4 times.
however, since commodore64s are a bit out of vogue, I’m not really sure you get much of any benefit…

They do it using a Tile Set and Tile Map:…aps/index.html

thank you, I will try the tile set and map