How to tile texture in uv editor for better quality in UE engine?

So, I’m amater and I don’t know this.

Here is example od wood texture, 2048x2048, this texture don’t have tile edges, this is just for test.


So I load this texture in my material editor, and in unwrap uv editor in 3ds: (just unwraped for test, nothing special)

And when I load my model in engine, it looks very poor in UE engine:

But when I do a quick tile in photoshop (2x2), it look much better in 3ds and engine:

So is there a way to set automatic tile texture in 3ds max uv editor, or every time I must play with photoshop and tile textures there?

I know that I can set tile options in material editor in 3ds, but I don’t see tiled textures in uv editor.

Or I can set tile bitmap in preferences in uv editor, but when i scale my uv outside uv editor boundries - I get a red uv’s in unreal engine.

If your material isn’t confined to a particular UV layout, you can tile it in UE4. Create a TextureCoordinate node in your material, and input it in the UV receptor of your texture. Adjust the x and y values to your desire. Make sure you do this for any associated texture maps that the material makes use of.

yes, I know that thing. And if I set tile’s in material editor in 3ds max, and export model like that to unreal - when I open material in UE4 editor - there is automatic tile adjustment copyed from 3ds to unreal.

But, is this a correct way to tile textures in models in engine?

The only alternative to that I know of is to expand the UV beyond the borders as you mentioned above. As far as I’m aware, there isn’t anything negative associated with that method as long as your lightmap UVs remain within the borders. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way, it just depends on which method you choose to employ.

wow, you are right - I scaled my uv map beyond the borders, load up model in 3ds max (using auto generate uv lightmap inside uv borders), and after light build there is no error…Only red lines in model viewport in engine, when I turn on to show uv.

UV’s outside of the 0-1 range are less precise (unless you check ‘Use Full Precision UV’s’ when you import - but that has a cost associated with it), so although you can expand outside of the 0-1 UV range, typically it’s best not too. All depends on the situation though.