How to texture World machine terrain in UE4 ?

Can you attach a picture of your unreal terrain and your world machine terrain for comparison?

As you see , I’ve tried to texture world machine terrains in ue4 , I mean the same result from WM to UE4
, I’ve tried a lot of topics and tutorials but dose not work , i spent more than 5 hours with no break to find a way to do that but no luck , please helps guys ?

UE4 Pic , This After Applying Materials :

Materials Editor :

And World Machine Pic :

I Used Splat Map , When i Apply the texture as you see Above it shows Mixed texture ( grass,gravel,rock ) !!

And i Want like this :


UP , UP , UP

Had a shot with this tutorial instead and everything worked. It does the material layers a little different so give it a go:

needs help