How to test Steam Achievements?

Ran into a slight problem.

So in UE4 the only way to test Steam achievements is by running a stand alone preview.

However when running standalone it says “Standalone game VR not supported, please use VR preview”

And the VR preview doesn’t connect with the steamworks api so I am unable to test steam achievements.

Has any UE4 Vive developer found a way around this?

Packaged version?

I could do that, but wouldn’t that be a pain to have to go through and package, test and then find out something doesn’t work, then re-package. Worse case I guess I’ll have to do this, just wondering if there was another way.


Tried a packaged version and that didn’t work. So I’m not sure how to go about fixing this

I’m also wondering how to do this… I’ve followed this tutorial but I can’t seem to use keyboard inputs while playing