How to Test Multiplayer in 4.25

I can easily test multiplayer with earlier engine versions, but whenever I try 2 players in 4.25, I can’t see the other player

Edit: I seem to have found the problem. It was just something wrong with that particular project. Every other project works as it should.

Are you selecting **Net Mode: ***Play as Listen Server *(aka Host Server ) | Play as Client (aka Dedicated Server)?

Well, I just found out that the default option was on play offline so that was the main problem. Even so, using Play as Listen Server only lets me control one of the instances. I am unable to move or any other input on the other one. This is also true for Play as Client. Is there a way to go back the default multiplayer testing options in previous versions?

On a side note, I am also unable to test local multiplayer with Create Player anymore. The first player’s camera always spawns underground no matter where I put the player start, but the 2nd player spawns ok. However, I still cannot control either player like previous engine versions.

In regards to controlling the other player in the other window… Use Shift-F1 to release mouse input and click to set focus to the other window.

I’ve already tried multiple times playing in viewport and even in standalone game. Like I said before, I’ve never had problems with previous engine versions, but I would like to use the latest version.

Disable “play offline” and set server options to dedicated server or client server. It should work than;