How to tell UE4 PNG-Files are images and not textures?


I really hope someone can help me. So I imported alot of png images into my project. I use them for my HUD. They are speech bubbles or different colors for different parts of the HUD and so on. This images are very small. I believe I uploaded more then 200 images and all of them are maybe 30MB big. However my project size changed by almost 1GB and I believe the problem is that UE4 promotes this images to textures. The project size is however my smallest problem. The texture streaming pool also just ran amok and is right now over 700MB. I know I can change texture streaming pool but that is not really a solution here because it is so high that I get Memory problems when I package my project.

So I wonder, is there a way to tell UE4 that this images are no textures or

can I lower the quality of this specific textures to a so low value that they don’t matter anymore

or can I seperate this texture from the streaming pool

or is there any other solution that could help me.

And please don’t tell me to buy more memory. Because when I add more images then I will run into the same problem sooner or later. There has to be some other solution. Thank you

buy more memory! :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding.
Images are textures, and textures are images. they are the same.
if the images are non-power of two they wont be compressed and will take up more memory than a compressed image/texture.
You want to cmbine as much of the images into bigger ones as possible. (by using texture atlassing, changing the color of the hud/ui elements inside the material instead of having one of each possible color variation)

here are some general tips and advice for UI/HUD related content

oh wow. Thank you for your fast answer.

Of course, I’m so stupid. I can change the color directly in the widget. That will help alot at least for now.

Thanks again