How to sync two Anim Blueprints of two characters?


I want to fire in the very same frame animation A on ActorA and animation B on ActorB. It sometimes work, sometimes doesn’t. Sometimes the shift is 1-2 frames between them.

I checked that I actually change transition condition at the same frame. I would expect that such transition will be checked in the subsequent tick for both actors but it is not always the case. I’ve noticed:

  1. Sometimes Start Transition Event notify fires 1 frame after transition was possible.
  2. Sometimes Start Transition Event notify fires at the same frame when condition is satisfied

The shift is noticeable, as these animations were designed to work together seamlessly.
I don’t mind coding in C++, just tell me please if there is a coherent approach to such problem?

Here’s my workaround at the moment. I ensure that both Anim BPs receive event call to change condition of transition in the same frame. The code for both calls looks like this, it seems like code after delays is consistently run before next frame transition checks.