How to switch to Valve’s controller model?

When I try the VR template in Unreal Engine, I get some robotic hands replacing the controllers.

Valve provides official controller models in their SteamVR folder, which Unity directly read. How can I do the same for Unreal?

(Next up is me figuring out how to replicate Valve’s teleportation points instead of areas…)

In Unreal, you cannot import model at runtime, so reading .fbx automatically is impossible. You can import the model manually and then attach it to your motion controller component in pawn.

There is an option in the motion controller component of 4.19 that lets you select a display model (SteamVR) being one of the options.

If you display the Engine Content in the Browser (View Options → Display Engine Content) and navigate to VR Editor → Devices → HTC you will find ready made controller meshes which you can attached to your Motion Controllers Components in place of the standard hands.

Thank you, we will look into both options!