How to switch project file to VR?

I started a project in the Architectural Mode.
Now I would like to activate VR - or kinda switch the project to the VR Mode.
Like the one you can pick at the beginning when you can chose to start a game and you select VR mode.

How can I make switch my project to the VR mode?

thank you so much!

To start in VR you need to do Project settings >> Description >> Start in VR Check. Also, you need to do a lot to remake your project, migrate VR pawn from the VR template, add naw mesh and etc.

Thank you.

  • does it not work if I add to an arch project the Blueprint Feature Pack Virtual Reality?

If you started out with a non VR template it’s quite easy.

  1. Change the VR plug in, example if you using a WMR headset look for Windows Mixed Reality plugin
  2. Go to Project Settings/General Settings and uncheck smooth frame rate
  3. Go to Project settings/Rendering and select Forward shading, set Anti aliasing to MSAA and check Instanced VR

There are other settings if you building for mobile. This is all covered in the Unreal Documentation.