How to stop lightmaps from being applied to my grass?

Hi everyone,

The result in this video: is great but when I build lighting, it tries to put lightmaps on my grass (applied using the foliage tool) and it looks bad. How do I disable lightmaps from being applied to my foliage-tool applied grass? There doesn’t seem to be an obvious setting anywhere. In my grass card’s Static Mesh properties, I was expecting an option to not receive shadows or to be able to turn off static lighting etc, but there is no option like that I can see. When I select the “InstancedFoliageActor” itself, there are no relevant options there either. Version 4.14.


Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated, feel kind of blocked not being able to build lighting :slight_smile:


Still having this problem, anyone know how to resolve this?

You have to set the grass’ movement type to movable instead of static/stationary. Use the lassoo tool to apply the changed settings to the grass that’s already there.

When you add an object to paint with, select it and scroll down to change it from static to movable. You have to do it for each object you want to paint it.


The results will also depend of what type of lighting do you use… Are your lights set to stationary or movable?

Basically, if you use static lights and the grass instances are set to movable, they won’t cast or receive shadows.
If your lights are movable, even a movable grass will receive and cast shadows, unless you tick off ‘‘cast shadows’’ in the grass instance settings…

Now to have the grass not receive shadows at all with movable lights from any objects… I think it’s not currently possible… Someone could confirm because it may have changed recently.

Old topic but wanted to say thanks!