How to stop AI character?

I want to stop AI Character but i don’t know how this doing… ( I want STOP, no destroy ) Sorry for my bad English)

to accomplish what i mentioned you need to drag the character movement component into the graph then drag off of it and search for something like deactivate. otherwise we would need to see the script of how you are moving your character so that the loop can be be interrupted.

I tried to try all movements, but not one of them joined.

It’s hard to tell what you want exactly. I think what you’re saying is you want to interrupt an AI as it is pathing to a location. If so, try calling GetController → StopMovement.

If not, please be more specific.

i have no idea what thats meant to say. you need to be clearer with what your attempting to say. if your english isnt very good than compensate by explaining things in what you would consider too much detail.

what im guessing you meant is that you tried all of the movement types such as character movement and pawn movement but they wouldnt connect to your node. if you attempted to do it as i said earlier you would end up with the following picture.


are you talking about stopping movement? the first thing you could try would be to disable the movement component. other than that we would need to see your script to be of more help here