How to start game with lower screen space percentage - screen space percentage volume ??

Hey friends,
I’m having trouble figuring out how to start my game/map with a lower screen space percentage by default (without having to manually do it every time at launch). Has anybody found an easy way to do this?
ALSO, It would be neat if the player could walk into a volume that changes the screen space percentage for performance reasons. Anyone know how to approach this??

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


How are you manually changing the screen percentage? Are you using the DK2? I know with the latest update they removed the ability to use hmdwarp, which changed screen percentage. The VR template had all of the options you’re looking for but they are now outdated and don’t work like they were originally supposed to.

Using DK2 on UE4 4.7.

Because of some hiccups, I steered away from using 4.8.
Does the latest update have other methods of changing the screen space percentage and/or other useful tools VR optimization I’m not aware of?

Lowering the screen space percentage to 80% seems to be the only way I can get my DK2 scene to run at 60fps+. It’s a lot smoother experience than the 20-ish fps at 100%.

I’m using the VR template to change the screen percentage at the moment.

You can do something in your level BP like, and this is total pseudo code but, on level begin → trigger console command r.setscreenpercentage 100…You could apply the same logic to a volume but you would have to make a BP that does that. That would be like Player In Volume → trigger console command r.setscreenpercentage 100. I am not in front of my PC so I can not give you an example but this should be really easy to do as all the nodes you need to use are already in UE4.

I think Javier is aware he can use r.screenpercentage to lower the quality of his scene but he was curious if there was a solution to shrinking the view in each eye while maintaining the same screen percentage. In turn, you have a slightly narrower FOV but you can bump up the screen percentage because the HMD is not rendering the full FOV. I have been trying to find a solution as well and haven’t been able to achieve anything similar.

Basically steps 4 and 5 in this reddit post