How to split a texture in 2 so it can be used for Stereo VR viewing

Hey lads,

I’ve been trying to create a stereo VR viewer in UE4 as seen in [This][1] video.
This all works fine for me if i use 2 different images like in the video, but since I followed ninja theories tutorial about the stereo panoramic plugin, I made it so that all my stereo captures are captured in one picture (Top/Bottom).

Now what I would like to achieve is to use this Top/Bottom image and cut it in 2 in my material editor and then set these 2 images to my left and right eye. But since I’m new at UE4 I do not know how to best achieve this.

This is what I got at this moment.(from the video):

Since I copy pasted this from the video, I do not fully understand how it works and therefore its difficult for me to figure out a solution on my own, so I hope someone can help me with this one.