How to spawn new particles emitter branch depending of normilized life of the lead emitter?

Hello everyone! I have a very important question. I ask for your help!

I have a Niagara system. It has two emitters. 1st - lead, 2nd - branch. 1st emitter emmits 1 particle per second. It falls down under the influence of forces. The 2nd emmiter also lets out 1 particle (or a stream of particles) and they fly chaotically. I need to make the 2nd emitter tracks the position of the 1st emitter’s particle, based on its normalized lifetime (so that this parameter can be adjusted, for example, making it random), and so that it is activated exactly in the place where the first emitter particle is located? In fact, it turns out a particle flies, then another flies out of it’s direct position and they fly further.

Thanks in advance for your help!