How to spawn decal to the right of the player, regardless of player rotation?

I am trying to adjust where a decal is placed, relative to the player’s feet. Currently, it is placed underneath the feet but I would like it to always be exactly 200 units to the [player’s] right from the current position. How do I amend the break hit result location vector so that regardless of which direction I’m facing, the ‘adjusted location’ value is now 200 units to the right of my player’s foot?


I imagine you’d need to get the actor/character location and rotation, and then combine it with the offset that you want.

Alternatively, you might need to combine the break hit location (instead of the actor/character location) with the rotate vector.

I haven’t had a chance to test this, so I apologise if it’s not what you’re after.

Yes, that’s exactly it! I’ll admit, I don’t understand WHY it works but it does.

Thank you!

Well, I could elaborate further. Which part are you unsure about?

Basically, it just gets the hit actor “Location” vector (either via the “Break Hit Result” or “Get Actor Location”) and then combines it with an additional vector (in this case, the “LocationOffset” variable, but it doesn’t have to be a variable unless you want it to be) and then outputs the result. For example, if the hit actor “Location” vector was 100,100,0 (XYZ) and the “LocationOffset” variable is 0,200,0 (XYZ), then the result is 100,300,0 (XYZ). Then the “Rotate Vector” ensures that the offset takes into account the actor rotation.

I hope that helps. Also, if you’re happy with the above response, please accept it as the answer, as that will assist Epic with tracking.