How to solve the AA problem?

Does anyone have the solution of solving the AA problem that appears only on iOS devices?
The previous solution is working only for the Android devices, but how to enable AA on iOS devices?
You can see the problem on screenshots


Hey wmbuRn,

Just in case you have not had taken a look at it yet, we have some important notes on Post Process Effect on Mobile you might find helpful.

Misc - Performance Tips

You mentioned you were able to get Temporal AA to function correctly on an Android device. Would you mind providing me with the device you are experiencing issues with?

Also, keep in mind the Temporal AA technique used on mobile will have less quality as it is optimized to run on mobile devices. Another thing to pay attention to would be to make sure the Post Process Volume in your scene is set to ‘Unbound’, or the bounding box surrounds the area you wish to affect.

Thank you,