How to solve pink screen when using Mixed Reality Capture?

I am trying to use the mixed reality capture framework along with an Oculus Rift demo built in UE4.26 and a Logitech webcam. I am able to calibrate the setup fine, and included the .sav file in the packaged app’s SaveGames directory, but when launching my demo, the camera just displays a pink screen. In some levels, you can almost make out text from buttons, and if I pick up an object and wave it close to the camera it is visible, but walls and objects in-game are not visible beyond the wall of pink. During testing, it seems that the objects disappear past a certain distance from the camera. Is there a volume I should add to my levels or a setting I have missed in setup? I could not find anything in the docs about this, even on the “troubleshooting MRC” page.