How to solve Oculus position tracking issue?

Hi, we’re trying to use oculus vr with our first person adventure game, we’re currently using the latest runtime for oculus and UE 4.8.3, since the developing of our demo (oculus runtime 0.4.3 and UE 4.5) we did not have this problem cause the tracking system was not implemented yet.
As in many of first person games the main character is nothing but a pair of arms that are attached to the main camera object following his orientation and location, but when I switch to vr the arms follow only the orientation of the oculus device but not the location causing the arm to appear completely on the screen when the player draw back his head.
We’re working with blueprints and tried almost every command on hmd and oculus section but maybe there is something we don’t know, can someone please explain how we can achieve what we want?

Thank you very much.

So if I got this right: The position offset of the HMD is not transfered back to the camera component of your pawn, so all attached component are fixed in space when you move your head.

That is actually a known bug in the VR camera implementation of UE4:

You can try to implement the workaround with the spring arm (see URL) or just wait for 4.9: As far as I know, it’s planned to rework the somewhat-broken VR camera implementation for 4.9, but that’s not official.