How to show widget component on screen space

I tried to change the space of my widget component to screen:


But when I play in editor, nothing is showed on my screen.

How can I get it to display?

It’s not enough to create a widget. You also need to instantiate your widget and add it to a viewport or else unreal does not know if it schould be displayed.

as an example you could add something like this to your level blueprint.


I searched on the Internet and people seem to be able to do that by using widget component:

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I just don’t know how.

What Atcen said is correct. You have created a widget in the editor but have not spawned it at runtime. You have to spawn the widget using create widget node(usually done on player controller) and then add it to the viewport so the player can see it.


Thanks, I think this is the way:

This is the widget: