Widget component on screen space - how to scale?


I want to scale widget component (text + progress bar) which is attached on actors. If widget is placed in world place, its auto-scaled, but i need to have it in screen space…
I can’t access widget BP if its as component (dont know why, i tried everything) and scaling “draw size” is not working well…

Could please tell me someone how can i scale screen-space widget component? (basically, if im far away from object, i want to see very small widget, if im near, it should be bigger, exactly like world-space scaled widget)

Thanks in advance.

God… im dumb… simple node fixed my problems… Needs to drag wire from component widget ref and use “Get user widget object”… then i can cast …

I guess I’m dumb too - I can’t figure this out. Can you share what the fix is for the scaling? I’d like that same behavior where the widget (in screen space) is small when far away and larger when the actor is nearer. Thank you.

this may help


Thanks. Getting closer. Now the box does scale to the size of the target - but the target box still gets larger as you get further away…

Maybe activate a ray trace and scale the green box depending on the length away from the player trace hit object? Not sure if this would work but I really like your Mech concept.

Thanks. That filled in the missing gap from Name368’s original post! I had to get the range from the Current Target to the Player and use that to scale up and down with the “Map Range Clamped” node. So it tells the widget to scale up as the Player gets further away and then scale down as the Player gets closer to the target. Here is the node setup. I’ll need to keep tweaking it, but after dinner I’ll post a video of the results in case anyone comes here looking for the same answer! Thanks again.

EDIT: Here is the Video of what I did - Thanks again for all the help!
[video]- YouTube

I can’t even get it on screen. How do you do that?

You need scale control into widget, not into Actor.
That is, we calculate the scale depending on the distance to (3D Widget) → (DistanceTo)