How to show interactive UI on PC screen while in VR mode

Hi guys, I’ve been working in VR for a while and have noticed a few games on Steam etc. incorporate UI on the PC screen, allowing spectators on the outside to make changes to the game while a player is in the headset.

This is a super useful feature but I haven’t seen any information about how to do it in Unreal. The VR Spectator Screen was included in 4.17 and the documentation mentions that you can use it to, “in certain scenarios, interact” with the game, but the documentation really only explains how to display a texture.

Does any one have an idea on how to display a proper, interactive UI on the PC screen while a VR game is running? There’s surely a way to do it without resorting to multiple players etc.

I would like to know this too

Have you solved this?

Have you solved this?

Sadly no. I’ve been researching this again for a new project but it doesn’t look like there are any good solutions. Tonnes of people are asking for this functionality, it’s very odd that no Unreal staff have commented anywhere about it.

Also wanting mouse (click) interaction and UMG interaction on the pc screen / spectator screen (PC view would use a diferent camera so it’s not attached to the users’s head movement).