How to shift/pan a texture in Material editor

If I have a texture which have two textures in one file (splitted in half of the pic) the textcoord can be used to get a half with Utilting or Vtilting = 0.5

How can I shift/pan (only one time) the texture to get the other half?

I’m sure it’s simple but I don’t know how

You would simply add a Vector 2 or V2 value to that texture node.

If you wanted to shift half a UV to the right, you would add 0.5,0.

If you wanted to shift “down” (or up depending on how you think of it) you would add 0,0.5. If you wanted to shift diagonally you would add 0.5,0.5.

Got it, thanks!

I had a bit of luck doing this with the following nodes. Keep in mind I’m also passing my UV through a Rotator. Hopefully this helps someone out.

Use a Panner Node, define the direction you want to shift the texture by setting Speed X or/and Speed Y to 1.0 (in fact it’s the UV coords you are shifting). The texture immediately starts to animate. To stop it, plug a ScalarParameter- or a ConstantNode into the time input of the panner. the motion will stop and the value is used to define the amount of the shift. Same for the Rotator node!