How to share user generated files online

Hi, we are making a game where players can create levels that are saved as JSON files. We want players to be able to share levels with other players.
My question is, what would be the best approach to do it?
Currently we are thinking of using AWS S3 to host the files and some mongo or similar database to keep track of them. Is this a good solution? What are other, more professional solutions?
Thanks in advance for the help.


I made a game where people can create levels too, I chose to use a SQL server, you could use AWS for that like you mentioned, but the advantage of of a SQL server is you don’t need separate S3 and mongo, you can just use a MySQL database (AWS tends to prefer MySQL over MS SQL, lighter-weight implementation if you use MySQL).

Then, you can obtain one of the several SQL plugins on the UE4 marketplace (none of which I wrote, this is not an advertisement), and you are good to go!


you could use Steam Workshop



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