HOW TO: Share lighting and Post processing setup across multiple levels?

Hi, I wondered if anyone could help. I want to know if its possible to have one master lighting and post processing that I can apply to multiple levels.
This is for film/Video, not a game. So I have over 20 scenes / levels. At the moment if I want to update the lighting or colour grading I then have to do it to all 20 scenes separately, which would take ages every time.

I have looked at convert selected actors to blueprint, but doesn’t seem to work or include the post processing

There is a prefab plugin but again not sure if it works with post processing node or lights

I’m fairly new to Unreal, any help very much appreciated
Thanks :slight_smile:

That should be possible. Create one level only with lighting, skysphere, postprocess etc. Then load that level in as a sublevel for your other scenes. Maybe you have to mark the “lightlevel” as a lighting scenario. Unsure about that atm.

for lighting: simply make a blueprint of your sun light, skylight, etc / and place it on all your maps
for postprocess: you can make a blueprint with a postprocess component, set it to unbound, and then place that blueprint actor on all your maps

when you want to iterate, simply iterate on the blueprints directly

Thanks so much both of you, creating blueprints separately for lighting and post processing worked great
not sure why they didn’t work together? thanks again :slight_smile:

Is this how they did Kite level ?
I’m facing this for game dev ,world comp, and it would be nice if lighting got to all levels as postprocessing,light, isn’t getting it done .