How to setup a texture size controller

Hi ,
Is there any way to have control over texture size? i want to a build a system nodes that allow me to change texture size from 4 k to 2k / 1k ect .

For one specific texture or all?

For all if it’s possible ,. also if we can exclude some this will be better .

The resolution (the size) of all textures can be set through the quality settings of the engine:


Also the quality:


But I am not sure if textures can be excluded. I don’t believe that it’s possible, because the only other way, that I know, to control the size is through texture coordinates, set individually for each texture.

Ah thanks a lot for the respond . The global scale work great , but i will be curious to know how you can scale each texture individually through coordinates . Thanks

Are you trying to do this for Texture LODs? It might help us to answer your question if you explain what it is you’re hoping to do.

Inside the material editor there is a node called “Texture Coordinate”, you create the node, connect it to the UV pin of a texture and set the sizes. Compile the material and done.

I have to add, this is very basic stuff, if you don’t know about that you should probably learn more about the engine. (Tutorials are a great help)