How to SetControlRotation using LerpRotator in C++?

An Example in Blueprint.

A Simple lerp looks like this:
FRotator NewRotation = FMath::Lerp(AltReleasedRotation, AltPressedRotation, Percentage, true); //Lerp

But how to do a Lerp Rotator?


If I remember it right, if you lerp between FQuats, it will automatically do shortest path.

FQuat NewRotation = FMath::Lerp(FQuat(AltReleasedRotation), FQuat(AltPressedRotation), Percentage);

You can use FQuat in SetActorRotation() etc. instead of FRotator.


BTW, if you hover over a node, in most cases you can see where the underlying function is. In this case its KismetMathLibrary. You can open KismetMathLibrary.h and find this function Lerp (Rotator), see it’s RLerp(); Go to KismetMathLibrary.cpp, find RLerp(), and see what is does.

With most nodes, you can see how it works in the code, and write your code respectively.


Thank You very much for helping and replying with a detailed reply.
But I can’t set FQuat in SetControlRotation.

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I am now trying KismetMathLibrary

FRotator NewRotation = UKismetMathLibrary::RLerp(AltPressedRotation, AltReleasedRotation, Percentage, true);

but not sure why I am using a blueprint library if I am developing in C++ :smiley:

I didn’t suggest using Kismet library, I said you can see how it’s all done in there. Kismet libraries still use default engine stuff that you can use in c++.
As for control rotation, maybe there’s no converter from FQuat to FRotator, like in actors. You can always convert it manually. After all, that’s exactly what KismetMathLibrary does:

FRotator UKismetMathLibrary::RLerp(FRotator A, FRotator B, float Alpha, bool bShortestPath)
    // if shortest path, we use Quaternion to interpolate instead of using FRotator
    if (bShortestPath)
        FQuat AQuat(A);
        FQuat BQuat(B);
        FQuat Result = FQuat::Slerp(AQuat, BQuat, Alpha);
        return Result.Rotator();
    const FRotator DeltaAngle = B - A;
    return A + Alpha*DeltaAngle;
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Yes, Thank You very much Sir for helping me in my study progress, You just solved my problem )

FRotator NewRotation (EForceInit::ForceInit);
NewRotation = FRotator(FQuat::Slerp(FQuat(AltReleasedRotation), FQuat(AltPressedRotation), Percentage));

This works for me, Thank You very very much for helping, I really appreciate it :smiley :slight_smile:

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