how to set widget component visibility to use widget button onclick

I want to use a widget button onclick to set a actor’s widget component to rendering visibility,but i don’t know how to do.

you talk about 3d widget component, just want to be sure before giving you the answer.

Basically how it done.

make sure the actor is in the level before doing this.

You need to stock the widget component inside a variable after your «get all actor of class». Another solution will be to use «get user widget object». But start by reproduce exactly what I done.

Thanks a lot,i set it,but it doesn’t show it.i think i set the wrong variables with widget component.

sorry,i want to ask how to connect this variably to the get all actor of class

Create a variable from the get.

Thanks a lot,i do it work,i am very appreciate. Very very thanks.

No problem, don’t forgot to make this question as resolved !