How to set up VR gameplay like in MOSS? Any tips?

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m trying to wrap my head around how the gameplay in the VR game Moss is set up. If anybody could shed some light on this, any info would be greatly appreciated!

So in Moss you, the player, watch the game unfold in front of you. You can actively interact with certain objects with your motion controller and at the same time you can control the mouse character with the touchpads on the same controllers.
You, the player, are always positioned in a certain spot in each section, can look around the scenery and you are automatically teleported to the next location once the mouse steps towards the exit of the current section.
The game appears to be set up in a number of big levels and the VR player basically just spawns at certain points along these levels.

If this was a regular third person game I’d think the mouse character steps into a trigger which simply switches the camera to the next segment (it’s kind of like Resident Evil fixed camera in terms of mechanic), but in this case the camera is your headset and everything is moved to the next section including the motion controllers.

So do you think the player is basically destroyed in one section and respawned in the next section?
Would that kind of work like a regular death system? You kill the player and then bring him back to life in the next segment?

Also how would one go about making these nice segment transitions to avoid it being to abrupt?
Basically in Moss once the mouse character reaches a certain point you can’t control it anymore. An animation is played and you can watch the mouse run off into the distance and then it fades to black.
In the next segment it fades back in, the mouse comes running into frame and then you regain control.
Would something like this have to be done in sequencer you think?

Then I have another question regarding VR scale. Sorry, lots of questions!
Similar to some other VR games (for example the ‘defend the castle’ SteamVR game or Hellblade) you, the player, are at an elevated position looking down at the scenery as if it was a miniature.
At first I was thinking the player is maybe simply spawned high above the level, but since you can actually interact with objects in the level by reaching out with your motion controllers the Player has to be pretty close to the map I suppose.

How would one go about changing the scale of the VR player? Would one have to import the whole world in miniature size? Or would one for example use UE4’s VR scale option, scale everything down and give the only the player a different scale somehow?

Thank you very much and hope someone can help me figure some of these things out. I think Moss is an amazing game (and done in UE4!) and I’m just really curious how it works :smiley: Finding good info on VR is still tough ;(

Did you ever figure anything out with this? I’ve been messing around and I think the better route is to use a normal sized player with a tiny world, but I’m still not sure. I’ve also had a hard time with controlling another pawn while maintaining a VR pawn in the same world.