How to set up an Stereo Panorama Material/Scene after capturing the Stereo Panorama images

Hi there, after following the instructions for capturing the Stereo Panorama images in the tutorial, i miss the instructions for how to set up the scene, the material etc to finally display (in this case a still image capture on Oculus Quest with UE4 4.23) the captured images. The tutorial seems to miss these informations (also the Stereo Panoramic Plugin | Live Training | Unreal Engine on youtube).](

Thanx a lot in advance for any help.


Hi Folks. I tried to get more information about my problem and i assembled some scripts from the asset folder of the Plugin and got some kind a solution.
The Material is fully rough, mobile precision to on and unlit.
Unfortuately there ar some issues during play (using a one image top/bottom capture). In some directions 90° left or right from the direction the pawn is facing, u recognise two “parallel lines” where a small shift in the images (l/r) happens. Not really a clue how i canget rid of these on Oculus Quest (using the demo VR Pawn). Maybe the multiplyer values after the longlattoUV Node can change something. DIdnt tried it out yet.