How to set up an isometric RPG camera


I am trying to get started with unreal, and I want to make an isometric RPG, like Baldurs or pillars or divinity. I am really struggling to make the camera behave like I want.

I want the camera to be able to pass through buildings and other assets but not through terrain or specific assets.The best way I found to do this is to use a trace line by channel and make a custom terrain channel and calculate a safe camera location based on the hit result from the trace line. But the engine keeps crashing and gives me no reason. If I Launch it on desktop instead it just goes to black screen and stops working. Also when I try to change the tilt by changing the Y rotation for the SpringArm it rotates 360 although I am not changing the Z or X axis and the moving becomes backwards.

Is there another way to make a camera like this or am I doing something wrong with the trace lines?