How to set up ambient lighting.

I am working on dark sci fi interiors (like in doom 3 or Dead Space) and i need ambient light in order to place some bright in to rooms without making it to shiny. I know it is possible with PostProcessVolume and HDRI textures but i think it overpowerd and to complicated for my issue. I need simple background light with a bit of blue or green color. How to do that?

Hey Xender -

Have your tired placing a skylight in the level and disable cast shadows? You could add just a little bit of light evenly throughout your map as well as set a color tint.

When i come back to home i will check it. But i think skylight will affect to whole level, when i will only make interiors brighter, outside locations should stay unchanged.

Post Process Volume is what you need if you want to manipulate a limited area, and it’s not overpowered or anything. You just need to change the values you want, the rest will take their settings from the global PP.

i need to use Ambient Cubemap? So i need to create my own cubemap?

Not necessarily. There are more settings than just ambient cubemap to change the lighting inside a volume. If they arent enough you can create a cubemap using scene capture cube actor or find an HDR image from the internet that has the lighting condition you want and bring it inside the editor and use it as ambient cubemap.