How to Set up a Faux Orthographic Camera?


I’ve run into a few issues such as lack of motion blur and reflections with the orthographic camera in Unreal and so I’ve begun experimenting with using a perspective camera with a very low field of view.

I’ve run into a few problems associated with having an FOV of 1° and a very distant camera. Objects render seemingly inside-out, click events don’t register on actors, reflections seem diffused, etc.

I’m sure someone has walked this orthographic path before. Any advice on how to set up a camera for a 2.5D game and still benefit from the perspective-only post-processes would be very much appreciated.


It would seem any field of view under 10° causes 3D actors to render incorrectly. It looks like they’re z-fighting or something similar. Components in the back will render in front and vice versa.

The solution to my problem was increasing the value of Near Clip Plane in Project Settings > Engine > Rendering. Apparently this also increases the far clip plane.