How to set the collision of a skeletal mesh?

Hi everybody,

I am a beginner and I dont know how to set the collision of a skeletal mesh. I have already assigned a physics asset to it, but seems this doesnt work.


Anybody know how to make it? Thanks!

Have you check out the third person project template mate? It can teach you all you need about the basics of skeletal mesh, collision and animation.

Actually I dont know what is the third person project template mate. Since I am a beginner, I can not make heads or tails of the skeletal mesh now, and it could be so kind of you if you would like to give me some basic introductions:)

You should watch some tutorial video: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums and read some documentation: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation It is better to learn the basics before tortured yourself with any project, and believe me, spending 1 hour to learning the basics will save you at least 3 to 5 hours struggling with some silly bugs. Been there, done that and regret it now ~.~

To create and open a project template, you should open Epic launcher, then go to Library, launch a engine version, then when the engine project browser opend, look up at the top and you will see 2 tab, Projects and New Project, choose the New Project and you will see a bunch of template, such as blank, first person shooter, third person, … Choose one template, on the bottom you can change the location where the project will be created and the right side will be the name of the project. After create the project, dive into it and learn as much as you can.

Sorry for the late reply. I wonder if you mean that I need the capsule collision component int the character blueprint? Actually I am doing some researches on UE4, and the capsule collision instead of the skeletal mesh collision is not enough for me. So I am trying to find a way to simulate the collision of my character(even if the character is not assigned to the player, as I am not making it in a game) without a capsule collision component.

Well, was busy so sorry for the late reply. I have got good new and bad new for ya:
Good new: you can apply custom collision. The easiest for me is to create a bunch of collision box and drag it around my mesh to create my custom collision. It work rather well. On a skeletal mesh, i suggest create your collision socket and attach the collision box to those socket.
Bad new: if you apply new position/ rotation or movement to your actor, UE4 only use your root collision shape to detect collision and hit, as in this post: Collision Bug on Child Component - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums and Sweep only works with the Root component? - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums. Standing still is fine, but moving around, your child component (such as addition collision box) will be ignore. You can still use begin overlap event and end overlap event to make a somehow work collision system.

Thank you CKong, your help is greatly appreciated:)