How to set the C++ HUD variables from within the editor?

I can’t figure out where to set the variables and it’s very frustrating. I have a variable in my HUD C++ file and it’s set to be editable in the editor. The problem is that I can’t for the life of me find out where to set it in the editor.

Any help?


Did you put the variable to public ? make sure you HUD blueprint is create from c++ class also, and the last one put EditDefaultsOnly if you want to edit on Defaut Tab of blueprint, BlueprintReadWrite if you want to use is inside the blueprint.

How you want this to be editable? Because there few ways

The variables are public. What do you mean the HUD blueprint is create from C++? I am not using a blueprint. Only a C++ class. Can you elaborate? Thank you.

Then what u mean you want to set it in editor ? so i assume u using default HUD class with your c++ class is it ?

Chanz you need to create a blueprint based on your custom class. This will then allow you to modify the default values for your fields, and then when you add your HUD components you add the blueprint version, instead of the C++ class.