How to set scalar parameter value of a material interface?

As per title, the the target slot of a “set scalar parameter value” node is not compatible with a material interface variable. Is there any way to get around this?

look here:

You need to create a dynamic material instance in your constructionscript (or BeginPlay or whatever) and save it to a variable. Using this variable you can then use the Set Parameter nodes.

That variable has to be a material interface variable, otherwise it won’t accept the material interface. A material interface variable is not accepted as target for the Set Parameter node as per title description. This is because it is not applied to a blueprint object but to a widget.

Hey guys, I found the solution in case someone stubles upon this. It is way cleaner than anything else, by setting scalar parameter value on material directly on the persistent level actor.
The only weird thing is the Parameter Value which does not mirror the exact settings in the Material Instance Editor.

If anyone stumbles across this, go check this thread for an added layer of weirdness!

As @AdrianTabacaru said in his previous post, you can do this without any Dynamic Material Instance, which is VERY strange, since the documentation clearly states it cannot be done