How to set Post Process Per Character in Splitscreen / Local Multiplayer

I am working on a multiplayer shooter, and trying to add couch co-op. The game is all Blueprint and have started updating my code so I can do local couch co-op and splitscreen play.

The current issue is I have times when the post process material needs to be modified for things such as XRAY vision, and damage indicators, but I only want the impacted player to experience the post process change. It seems for local multiplayer this impacts all local players. I assume its processing the post process once for everyone.

I’ve tried putting the post process in as a child of the camera and unmarking unbound, putting the post process in controller, and none of those worked.

Would be curious if anyone else managed to get different post processes per player/controller working for local or splitscreen multiplayer.

Thanks in advance!

I did not use splitscreen yet, but what if you tweak the Post Process Settings in the camera component of your character? I’d be really surprised if post process was applied to the whole viewport instead of per local player.