How to set material mapping to FLAT projection?

Hi, I am a new bieeee of UE4 and recently come up with a head-aching problem of material mapping.

Is it possible to set the material projection to flat or something else similar?
It seems to me that the material texture are set to UVW mapping by default and I could not find a way to change that.

For example, the material projection can be set to “spherical/flat/cubical/frontal/spatial/UVW…” in CINEMA 4D, so that I can better control it.
Is it also possible to set something like this in UE4?
Or if there is another way of conveying this?

My problem is that I have a mesh of city with buildings where I need to put a single satellite map onto the surface.
I could easily achieve this by setting the projection to FLAT in C4d.
It turns out no result in UE4 after I applied the texture to Base Colour though.(See the pic below.)

Any idea I can solve this?
I have searched for a long time without luck. Thank you in advance for helping me out!

Realtime Engines only work with UVW mapping for Texture projection, so you will need to turn your Flat Projection into UVW.

Doing this in C4D is as easy as eating Pankakes.
Just set up your Material with the suitable Projection, in your case Flat Projection.
Delete the UVW-Tag if there is one and then right click on the Material Tag and choose “create UVW” from the context menue.

Wow!!!Amazing!!It works!Thank u sooooo much! You saved my life~~~~:p