How to set Collision on skeletal mesh?

Dear experts,

I have a noob question:
How do I set collision on a skeletal mesh?
I have this chest (skeletal mesh) that opens when the main character comes near which is working fine.
But then I can literally walk into the chest with the character:

How can I avoid that and set collision on the skeletal mesh, the chest?

Thank you,

Go into the mesh and in the mesh collision properties (itll be on the side) Do "Use complex collision as simple) and then in the actor the mesh is actually spawned in make sure you tick “Use CCD” It can cost performance but if the player absolutely NEEDS to stand on the chest thats pretty much the only way of doing it unless if you want to spend time making sockets and attaching box collisions to said sockets in the actor

Skeletal meshes don’t have CCD or Simple Collision, they use a PHAT asset in which you define the collision using primitives and assigning them to bones.

Here’s a noob answer: make a blueprint of the skeletal mesh chest and give it a box collider that is big enough to block the player when opened or closed.

thank you both, I will look into PHAT and the possibility of a collider in the blueprint