how to set client camera to follow server?


I’m trying to setup a client/server system where a larger group can follow along what someone is doing with a VR headset. So what I need to do is set the camera of the server to a different camera ( like top view ) and have that camera follow the camera of the player using the VR headset.
I’ve been trying different approaches by using the “OnPostLogin” event in the gamemode and “Set view target with blend” like the screenshot below:

I’ve also tried doing this from the level blueprint using a custom event that replicates. I also looked through the forums and here and found some snippets, but so far no luck in solving this.

Can someone point me in the right direction to solve this?

For anyone interested, I solved my problem. I started by adding an extra camera to my player character blueprint.

Then I check the client position on tick and use an RPC to trigger and send the location values to my server character, so I can control my server character/camera using a different view.