How to set Camera Origin to 0 ?

Hi Devs,

Im having problems when setting up a a test environment, so everything works out, I followed the UE Documentationbut when previewing the map in VR my camera position is like 1.5m above as usual, makes me feel like i’m 3m tall :slight_smile:

How can I change the Z position or the camera origin to 0?


Reset Orientation and Position

Depends what headset your developing for, if it’s the Vive it defaults to the HMD position relative to your real world floor so putting the camera height at 150cm is saying your floor is 150cm above the in game floor (so yeah probably about 3m tall :stuck_out_tongue: ) if it’s the Rift you can do as in the doc but if you’re developing a standing experience I would suggest setting the tracking origin to floor which will make the rift act like a Vive by default. like this.